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Earn Money

Who else would love to earn $100K from home? Think you’ve got to be a well known expert, a guru, or a fast talking charlatan to do what you love for a living… and wake up the world with your work? Imagine what your life would look like if you had a simple, scalable plan that allowed you to be the very BEST version of yourself in the world, and at the same time, allowed you to contribute in a meaningful way, while earning perpetual piles of profit to boot? The truth is, earning a full time, strong 6 figure income from home is NOT nearly as difficult as you may believe. It does take work, and it does take effort, but if you are doing work that you truly feel called to do, it is not only a ton of fun, but truly the “work” of a lifetime as well.

First, understand THIS to be true, because it is:

Coaching, teaching or training others to do something that you really love, or have experience or expertise in, is the absolute FASTEST and easiest way to parlay your life purpose and authentic passion into a 6 figure income from home.

For example?

The vast majority of full time “coaches” can expect to earn well over $100 an hour, and the more “niche specific” you get, the higher your income will go and grow. So for starters, find what it is that you are truly passionate about, and commit yourself to connect with a community of people who SHARE your passion, but don’t have your experience or expertise. As long as you can write, talk, teach or preach about your area of expertise, the likelihood is, you can turn that passion into a profitable brand and business.

Next, the 3 step strategy is this.

You need 3 basic profit centers to really do this well.

You should have a publishing piece of your profit puzzle. (eBooks on Amazon and other marketplaces are the best way to do this well in 2015) You should have products and programs for sale that are multi-media based. (using a simple audio service you can record coaching calls, or step by step strategies, or live Q and A’s with your community… and earn great money JUST from these) Lastly, you need to have some sort of live interactive coaching program, either privately, or delivered in a group format. (preferably both)

For example, in my own business, when I first got started, I found it very difficult to find people willing to pay me $200 an hour for my business coaching. I found a few… and they WERE very happy with their results which was inspiring and encouraging, but it was very difficult to find a continuous stream of clients at that price point. Instead? I found it VERY easy to find people willing to pay me $20 for that same hour, and instead of working with them one on one, I did group sessions with 10 or 12 people at a time. This allowed me to earn my $200 an hour fee, and offered a great value to people in my community who wanted to “test” my services, but didn’t want, or could not yet afford private time together.

The truth is, when you put everything together the right way, your whole system becomes complimentary, and not only earns you great money, but creates a continuous flow, and way to grow your business, on a bootstrap budget to boot. Your Amazon books will earn you income, and will also help promote your products and programs.