Make Money By Sharing Your Internet: Here’s How

There are several ways to make money by sharing your internet connection. Here are some options to consider:

1. Rent your WiFi network: There are several websites and apps that allow you to rent out your WiFi network to others. For example, you can use a service like Honeygain or FluidStack, which pay you for sharing your internet connection with their network. In exchange, you receive a monthly payment based on the amount of data you share.

2. Sell your excess bandwidth: If you have a high-speed internet connection with a large data allowance, you can sell your excess bandwidth to others. Websites like BandwidthX and AirBnB for WiFi allow you to monetize your unused data by connecting with other users who need extra bandwidth for their devices.

3. Participate in a peer-to-peer network: Peer-to-peer networks like PacketStream and NetSpend allow you to share your internet connection with other users in exchange for payment. These networks use your device’s idle bandwidth to run data-intensive tasks, such as web scraping or ad verification, and pay you for each gigabyte of data used.

4. Sign up for a VPN service: Some VPN providers offer a referral program that allows you to earn a commission for every new customer you refer to their service. For example, NordVPN pays you up to 100% of the first month’s subscription fee for each new customer you refer.

5. Become a mobile hotspot: If you have an unlimited data plan with your mobile carrier, you can become a mobile hotspot and rent out your data to others. Apps like PdaNet+ and FoxFi allow you to share your mobile data connection with other devices and charge a fee for access.

Before you decide to share your internet connection for money, make sure to check the terms and conditions of your internet service provider to ensure that you are not violating any policies. Additionally, be aware of the potential security risks of sharing your internet connection and take steps to protect your personal information and devices.

On this page I will discuss applications that make passive money, namely apilkation that distributes our internet network or roughly rent our networks to others. With the term dividing internet networks for distribution of public data (advertising, activities on the web, survey). The user will get paid for the internet connection used to channel the public data. Users can use more than one device in one account meaning that accounts can be used in various devices, such as PCs, Mobile, etc., even if you have more than a few PCs and cars (current cellphones such as Android and Apple, etc.) can still, and Can be in 1 account can use several different networks, for example, 1 PC uses IP with address, then mobile uses a data network with different IP will still be accepted.

And there are several applications now that exist, the author knows several applications including:

  1. Honeygain .
  2. Peer2profit

Regarding the rate can be checked directly to the site or the following is a rough picture of the rate:

  1. Honeygain

For Content Delivery (if available in your region)

You will earn 3 credits for 10mb of traffic that goes through you. So for 10gb, you’ll earn 3usd

which can be calculated: 3 credit for 10 MB, and for 10 GB = 10000MB = $ 3

But the information is incomplete because there is no data type of data that is divided (there is no clear division concept in the description on its site), because WiFi data and data networks that are generally used are different mobiles, both in speed and durability, and do not forget the most important thing is The location of the network is located.

And the minimum is also too high at $ 20, unless your network has a high speed. And generally in this matter most of the division of the area/location of the network is located, as the general we hear is tier 1, 2, and 3, etc. Prospective network users will certainly prefer this, because that is the most important factor.

And regarding what is obtained is not recommended, because $ 20 = 8 months? I think it’s joking, with an online network 24 hours? … hm to much

  1. Peer2profit.

And the second is peer2profit, for the problem rate you can see the picture below

And for payment from them there are many choices or options unless there is no paypal, there are perfect money, payeer, and crypto coins. For more details, see the picture below

From this picture we increasingly understand and can calculate how much we get in 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and so on.

But once we still have to see our own network as the explanation above

And proof of payment see below: (1 month)


The Iproyal Pawns App Enables its users to make money online by sharing their internet connection. You can now reach your data plan’s full potential and not leave a single bit of unused data behind! It’s an effortless passive income source!

In short, you utilize your internet connection to work for you. The Iproyal Network is used by businesses for research in e-commerce, marketing, and web intelligence. These Companies Gather Insights from Different Corners of the Web for Market Analysis, Brand Protection, Ad-Fraud Prevention, Pricing Intelligence, Travel Transport Aggregation, and SEO Monitoring.

From the information on the site after becoming a member, it was found that the rate was:

Rate: 0.20USD per 1GB shared

With a minimum withdrawal is

Minimum Payout Amount is $ 5

IPRoyal Pawns

– USA: $ 0.45/GB for All App Versions (Upload Only)

– Rest of the world: $ 0.30/GB for all app versions (upload only)

– Payment : Paypal  $2.5 and Wise

 $ 2.5 Using PayPal


Proof Payment :

proof payment
proof payment


Of the 4 choices, the writer chose the number 2 or 4, because the writer saw that the site was transparent in the explanation rate that we received, where 3 mentioned above was incomplete and seemed covered. As the author revealed above that the network connection is not the same, between WiFi and ordinary data/4G etc, and the location you network (country)., so from 4 above only 3 is very clear the distribution of the rate of the data that shares for others, so it is clear how many we receive even though there is 1 other element Namely about our location as users also influence, but at least with the transparency rate, users do not feel wondering.


For free life.