Migrate Guru a WordPress plugin

Migrate Guru is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily migrate or clone your WordPress website to a new hosting provider or server. The plugin uses a one-click migration process that transfers all of your website’s data, including the database, media files, themes, plugins, and other files.

Migrate Guru is designed to handle large websites with a lot of data, which can often be a challenge when migrating manually. It uses a specialized technology that bypasses the website’s PHP scripts and directly moves the data from one server to another. This makes the migration process much faster and more reliable than other migration methods.

Migrate Guru also offers a cloning feature that allows you to create an exact copy of your website on a different server or hosting account. This can be useful if you want to create a staging environment for testing new themes or plugins, or if you want to duplicate your website for development or backup purpose.

To use Migrate Guru, you simply install the plugin on your WordPress website and follow the step-by-step instructions to migrate or clone your website. The plugin also provides real-time progress updates and email notifications to keep you informed about the status of the migration.

Overall, Migrate Guru is a powerful and user-friendly tool for migrating or cloning WordPress websites, and it can save you a lot of time and effort compared to manual migration methods.

From the experience that has used this plugin, it can be said that it is the best, because it is not complicated with other plugins, which ask us to backup manually, then download, save it on our internal hard drive… too complicated and convoluted. with this plugin, we simply install it on ours two websites / hosting , Site A (where we first install the plugin, as a source) and sites B ( install the plugin where we are to receive data from A in the form of a clone)

how to use:

  1. Install the plugin on site A and on site B.
  2. After No. 1 is complete, then go to site A run the plugin, fill in with your email, and accept the terms and conditions, then click Migrate
  3. When clicking migrate you will move to the hosting link (like Hub) that will copy all your files site plus database (so we don’t need to save here and there, and bother).
  4. When switching it on the connecting hosting, we are given the option to choose the hosting provider you use, because it uses Cpanel, I choose option cpanel.
  5. And furthermore there will be a choice of 2 options given the first option, you are asked to fill in your cpanel username and password , but if you are worried and afraid if it is stolen, then there is a second option, namely = MIGRATE KEY
  6. Well this is the reason why you have to install this plugin also on the site where you are going to migrate, you go to Site B, and select the Migrate Guru plugin, and click it. Once open, look for the MIGRATE KEY word (the word is colored), if you find it, click it, then you will get the Migrate Key code.
  7. After getting the code, please go back to the previous process (when use site A) that asks for the cpanel username and password, and above there is the Migrate Key option, and click on the writing.
  8. Once clicked will open input mode, and paste that migrate Key that you get from Site B earlier.
  9. Once that’s done, you just slide your cursor down, find the MIGRATE Button, and click
  10. You just have to wait until everything is finished..
  11. The main requirement to be fast, check the speed of your own Hosting, if it feels stable and fast, it doesn’t take long for the migration to be successful.
  12. No need to backup, copy, download, simply by the way above and the rest we just wait, the author made the move to 2 hosting, A-B – C, 20 minutes done all……. “elegant” and all fully automated.


no. 6 image