Verus coin is a zero-knowledge technology, privacy-oriented project working to offer Public Blockchains as a Service (PBaaS). Verus Coin introduced a new consensus algorithm called Proof of Power, the 50% PoW / 50% PoS algorithm, which aims to address the weaknesses in other PoS systems.
VERUS COIN is one of the crypto assets codenamed VRSC, with a market capitalization of $20.6M and is ranked 667th in the global cryptocurrency rankings.  And verus coin is one of the coins that are included in the crypto class, which is how to get it does not use too many large and expensive resources, compared to other crypto assets such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc..

Where if you want to get other crypto assets we need to have qualified resources, and obviously VERY EXPENSIVE. different from Verus coin. It can be said that the way to get verus coins is almost the same as Monero coins (which is also a crypto asset), but, in terms of the tools needed, verus is still cheaper than Monero. The difference between the two is that Verus and Monero’s assets lie in their price value, the advantage of Monero is in the stability of their price value. But in terms of getting one of them. The easiest Verus coin. Because it does not require super-sophisticated and expensive equipment. In getting it also verus and monero are very different from other assets. Because these two assets can only be obtained by mining. Meanwhile, other assets can be obtained from various ways other than mining, namely through faucet sites, advertising sites, survey sites and many others. This is because it is easy to get these 2 types of coins, especially Verus coins. With low or regular specs, without a GPU (Graphics Processing unit), we can already mine this coin.
Regarding the selling value, you can check the chart below.


And the wallets that have been used are many, one of the good ones is the Atomic Wallet where this wallet provides a wallet for VRSC besides of course the main coin they issue is the Komodo coin. And in the wallet you can make direct transactions to sell the coins you get from mining, without having to send them to a trading site to sell.</div>

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