VRSC Mining


On the previous page we have discussed what VerusCoin or VRSC is, and on this page we will discuss how to get it, namely by mining. In this way, what must be prepared is a computer / PC, for specifications, an ordinary PC can also be used for mining. and in terms of PCs for mining there are so-called cores and threads, such as the Intel Core i5-750 which has 4 cores/4 threads and there is also the Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2430 v2 which has 6 cores/12 threads… and in this case when we want to mine VRSC, if we mine using an Intel Core i5-750, the maximum and best use is 3 cores/3 threads. Generally, mining commands can be added to the command line, such as:

-p x -t x (number of threads that will be used

x = password mining

t = number of threads that will be used, THE MORE NUMBER OF THREADS the better

But sometimes thread (t) can also be interpreted or equated with cpu, and for MINER who uses the term thread used for mining, it comes from NHEQMINER and CCMINER. While the term cpu usage is usually used by MINER HELLMINER. Which can actually be interpreted to have the same function, only lies in the difference in name. But please remember that for MINER has certain characteristics. such as Hellminer which is devoted ONLY to mining on the luckpool.net site in HERE, and for NHEQMINER and CCMINER can be used in all VRSC pools. so when you are a person who likes to mine by moving from place to place, it is recommended to use NHEQMINER. s

In addition to the important thread, of course the RAM/Memory in the PC, but fortunately for mining VRSC it can be ascertained that the ratio used is 1:1, meaning 1cpu/t=1 GB RAM/Memory, this is different when mining XMR (MONERO) where the comparison is 1:2.

The third is whether your CPU supports AVX2 or not, but here it needs to be explained that the difference between support and not is in the processing of the data mining. This means that even if it doesn’t support you CAN STILL mine, it’s definitely longer than those that support AVX2, like a 1:3 ratio. It means that in 1 hour those who do not support get 1 VRSC, at the same time those who support VRSC can get 3 VRS (this is an example)

REQUIREMENT Main is on 32 bit or 64 bit, but generally the mining machine requires 64 bit.

Now we discuss how to mine VRSC after the PC is ready according to the information above.

For HELLMINER it’s very simple.. we just need to download it from the website directly (just case if you use windows) HERE 

and the site also explains the specifications of the computer used and how much Hashrate is obtained.

if via LINUX/UBUNTU, just type:

!wget https://github.com/hellcatz/luckpool/blob/master/miners/hellminer_cpu_ubuntu_18.tar.gz

!tar xf hellminer_cpu_linux.tar.gz

!./hellminer -c stratum+tcp://na.luckpool.net:3956#xnsub -u your-wallet-address . username(any) -p x(no need to fill in just x) –cpu x (number of your cpu/threads)


wget https://github.com/helldat/kolosal/raw/main/nheqminer.tar

tar xf nheqminer.tar

cd nheqminer

./nheqminer -v -l http://address pool:port -u your-wallet-address . username(any) -p x(no need to fill in just x) -t x (number of your cpu/threads)

CC Miner (Linux)

sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev libssl-dev libjansson-dev automake autotools-dev build-essential

git clone https://github.com/monkins1010/ccminer.git

cd cminer

chmod +x build.sh

chmod +x configure.sh

chmod +x autogen.sh


cd cminer

./ccminer -a verus -o stratum+tcp://pool site address:port -u your-wallet-address . username(any) -p x(no need to fill in just x) -t x (number of your cpu/threads)

After everything is running, now you just have to wait for the results.