There are several mining simulators that you can try, including:

  1. Rollercoins
  2. Bitseefull
  4. Cryptomininggame
  5. Simplebits
  6. Iddelbank (not mining category, but game bank).

 I don’t want to review the site here, because honestly if mining feels boring, and takes a long time, from the 6 sites, 2 sites were chosen, because from the experience of the 6 sites that can be categorized for free players who want to earn income, there are only 2 now and not too long, the rest must at least make a deposit before you can feel the income. One of them is, Simple bits, because one of the mining simulators that pays even though we don’t spend capital or is called free, register HERE. And please check the picture below how to play.

The second is Iddlebank, as it is said that it is not a mining category, but rather to increase the bank we have, here we will first register to get a small bank, and it can be developed bigger by increasing the level. The way is to collect sufficient fees to upgrades, namely coins, we can get coins from the offerwall, or if you are patient you can increase the level by opening the bank even though it is still small with 1 worker, after the coin is sufficient (500 coins at least), then we can increase it slowly. Likewise for the mining simulator, you can choose according to your taste.