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Crypto Casino

Betfury Casino is a crypto casino that operates exclusively on cryptocurrency. Only the cryptocurrency received on the site, there is no fiat currency.

Which means that your bank account and credit card do not apply here, because what is used here is only the crypto currency. So all deposits and withdrawals are only in the form of crypto currencies. This is different from other similar casinos, where they still use flat currencies.

Betfury Accreditation

Betfury runs his business legally by following the rules governing this industry. The company has been accredited by the Dutch-Karibia authorities. He has valid accreditation (GLH-OCCHKTW0712232020) and license (365 / Jaz). For the “internal” game offered by the platform, Betfury has installed a verification system (proven fair) which ensures the impartiality of the game. This system strengthens user safety and trust in any fraud system. (Source : HERE.)

Betfury review: a game that is devoted to crypto currency holders. And in its own use has advantages compared to other games, one of which does not need a currency deposit to make a profit.

In betfury games we can get real benefits in 2 ways, free or deposit, of course all in crypto currencies. So here you want to discuss are free games. Not the result of a deposit. Users have also tried other games where we have to deposit first, we can get profits, even though a little amount. Many players who offer even sharing invitations to be able to play, but unfortunately not honest how many spent by him, to be able to profit in such a number? For example comparison is another game that I am sure all know.

Where if we want to get real profits (be it crypto or flat), we must deposit first. In fact, there is one game site that has been used, we get a locked currency, which we can not if we deposit or win, but the value is very crazy, if we follow the counts given according to the site, it is very crazy that we must deposit or us Play. So it can’t be just a deposit but we have to play, the number reaches thousands of dollars, and only to get dozens of locked dollars? .. extraordinary.

Freespin is predicted to be beneficial by some people, apparently all can be said to be hallucinations, because the 100% that is obtained is the game currency itself. There are a number of games that offer this game, and the results are the game currency. And cannot be used others other than to play the game itself, and certainly cannot be cashed. For the sake of attracting marketing system users working as if, a list of free spin play and win, even though not, because the target is market share, the number of users, whatever is done. In fact, if you want to profit, please put your flat money here (even though the possibility of loss is much bigger).

This is sometimes what makes many users give up and go, persuaded to register, is there care? no? Because the name has been registered, the email has been registered, ranking has been obtained. That is the cruel world.

Unlike the others, in Betfury itself the currency of the game called Funfurry can still be useful and produce. Because in the system, we can get a profit by following the competition that is provided specifically for the FunFury currency holder, it sounds fair, because here you can play only specifically for funfury holders, if you play using crypto currency, you are not included in the competition.

To want their own crypto money they have their own competition. So for free players, you can still get crypto currency from Betfury, which can be withdrawn to our Crypto wallet.

In addition to this, we are also provided free crypto box (BNB, BTC, Baby Box, BFG, and of course Funfury), which can be opened in a few minutes 24 hours.

You can see the picture below to see how.